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Foreign-Trade Zone Minor Boundary Modifications

The FTZ Corporation has built a reputation for saving our clients considerable time, trouble, and expense by successfully obtaining approvals of minor boundary modifications. In a number of cases the FTZ Corporation has worked with the Foreign-Trade Zones Board to use the minor boundary modification process when other consulting firms proposed the FTZ Board subzone application processes that would have taken as much as 8 months longer to receive approval. The Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation’s thorough understanding of the minor boundary modification process, and the guidelines by which it can be utilized, provides our clients with a solution resulting in Zone status in the shortest amount of time possible.

The Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation excels in planning, preparing and submitting, and monitoring minor boundary modification requests through the Foreign-Trade Zone Board approval process in a manner that results in the quickest approval possible for its clients. The FTZ Corporation understands the Foreign-Trade Zone Board’s philosophy, policy, and procedures it uses for the review and processing of minor boundary modifications. This understanding and careful preparation is one of the reasons our solutions are successful for our clients. The FTZ Corporation has likely submitted and received approval of more minor boundary modification requests than any other firm.

Now that the Foreign-Trade Zone Board has implemented its “Alternative Site Framework” (ASF), there are new opportunities to use minor boundary modifications where Subzone status or a General-Purpose Zone expansion application was previously required. For instance, the FTZ Board allows a company to pursue Temporary Interim Manufacturing (TIM) and Permanent Manufacturing Authority and a minor boundary modification within the ASF “Service Area” simultaneously. The FTZ Corporation can assist in deciding whether a minor boundary modification request is a viable solution for your project.


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