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Foreign-Trade Zone General-Purpose Zone Expansions

Whether you are an FTZ Grantee expanding your zone to assist with economic development efforts, or a real estate developer desiring FTZ status to better attract companies to your project, the Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation has the experience to help ensure your expansion is a success.

The FTZ Corporation understands how to prepare a Foreign-Trade Zone Board expansion of the existing general purpose Foreign-Trade Zone project so that it serves to attract both new companies and industries. Our successful expansions lead to new jobs and capital investment, as well as assist in retaining existing companies and the jobs and capital investment that currently exists in the community. Whether we are working with the local economic development community, such as chambers of commerce, city governments, EDA’s, or a real-estate developer, we have a tremendous track record of helping attract companies to locate within our projects.

General-Purpose Zone expansions serve to expand or modify the geographic reach of an FTZ’s sites. This may give new communities the ability to offer FTZ status as part of their economic development program or enable communities with existing FTZ sites to target new areas with existing businesses or areas where development is expected to occur in the future. The Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation’s targeted approach enables our clients to expand their Zone projects expeditiously and effectively.

The FTZ Corporation administers nine Foreign-Trade Zone projects and understands FTZ projects from the perspective of the Grantee, business, and the larger community. This enables us to work with local and regional governments, economic development groups, businesses with a need for FTZ procedures, and the Foreign-Trade Zones Board to ensure FTZ expansions offer integration of FTZ sites that meet the actual need of the community and prospective companies, and are successful from the point of view of all of the parties involved.

General-Purpose Zone sites are geographically bounded and may require activation within a certain timeframe to maintain FTZ status. One of the unique features of the U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones program, which differentiates it from free trade zones in other countries, is administration by local Grantees, expansion procedures which can bring FTZ status to areas outside of the established port area.


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