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The Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation understands the unique demands of successfully marketing an FTZ project. When marketing the benefits the Foreign-Trade Zones program offers, common, conventional mass marketing efforts are not only expensive, but not effective. The FTZ Corporation’s unique approach to marketing is not only successful, but more cost efficient. Our approach to marketing an FTZ project is based on using our years of experience operating and administering Foreign-Trade Zones to design and communicate a tailored message to promote your FTZ project to those individuals that influence purchasing decisions. Whether you desire to capture the movement of more freight, have a company use your services to distribute its merchandise utilizing your FTZ facility, or encourage a company to locate a manufacturing facility within your FTZ project, the FTZ Corporation is adept in making sure your message reaches the individuals that influence the decision making process.

The FTZ Corporation has proven experience in FTZ marketing and presenting benefits to firms in such a manner as to influence decisions based on FTZ benefits. The FTZ Corporation has been involved with successfully attracting and finalizing the site location of firms such as automobile assembly plants, aerospace manufacturers, and even one of the largest manufacturers in the world. In addition to assisting both Grantees and real-estate developers locate large firms in their developments, we have helped 3PL’s fill warehouses and increase the freight they handle.


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