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Duty Elimination on Non-conforming Merchandise and

Returns to Vendor from a Foreign-Trade Zone

Benefit's of FTZ's

Damaged or Nonconforming Items

The FTZ Corporation provides the best solution for companies to obtain Foreign-Trade Zone savings related to damaged or nonconforming items. No duty payment is required if merchandise is not entered into the United States. If merchandise is defective or damaged, no duty payment is owed while it is being tested, repaired, or stored in the FTZ. (The actual importation does not occur until the merchandise leaves the Zone and enters the commerce of the United States).

Merchandise may be altered, repackaged, and/or relabeled, in both General-Purpose Zones and Subzones, to meet various U.S. requirements. Zones are often used for the purpose of properly marking the Country of Origin on goods prior to their entry into the United States.

The Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation specializes in identifying exceptions in a company’s inventory control procedures, such as damaged or nonconforming items. We then point out solutions and develop compliant procedures, providing integration of those procedures into the FTZ inventory control software system.

It is always the goal of the Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation to develop and implement procedures that are as transparent as possible to company employees and train employees that handle FTZ transactions in those procedures.


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