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Foreign-Trade Zones can give U.S. Companies a Competitive Edge


MOBILE, June 1, 2003 /FTZ Corporation/ -- Steve Forbes, President, Chief Executive Officer and Editor of Forbes Magazine, asks Craig Pool, President of the FTZ Corporation, to share his expertise on FTZs. In an article on International Trade and Competing in the Global Economy, Forbes asked the FTZ Corp. for its insight on how the use of the FTZ program in International trade. International Trade and Competing in the Global Economy will be broadcast on the Forbes Business Channel aboard all American Airlines flights in June, and again on all United Airlines flights throughout July and August.


Benefits to U.S. Companies

Foreign-Trade Zones make U.S. companies more competitive with overseas competitors by reducing or eliminating customs duties, and reducing transaction fees. The Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation is a service provider offering FTZ cost-benefit analyses, applications, boundary modifications, assistance in designing and creating Zone projects, training, and Foreign-Trade Zone software.

The International Trade Report features timely topics and legislative issues with commentary and advice from the brightest minds in international trade. Featured guests include Ambassador Clayton Yeutter and Senator William Brock III. Other guests who regularly appear on the show include President Jimmy Carter, Dell’s Michael Dell, Microsoft’s Bill Gates, and Viacom’s Sumner Redstone.

The interview is also available on the Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation website,



FTZ Articles

Import values into Zones has tripled in the last decade and businesses continue to save money using the FTZ program. 


Industrial and development parks through out the United States are discovering that Foreign-Trade Zone status (FTZ) can be a beneficial tool for bringing new economic development to their area.  Read why Neosho, MO is seeking a Foreign-Trade Zone.


Foreign-Trade Zones Board adopted a comprehensive rewrite of its regulations in 2012. Greg Jones explains how this decision, along with past decisions, have affected the success of FTZs and how FTZs are used by businesses to help compete globally.


Scott Sheldon and FTZ Corp Announce Partnership to Place Deeper Value on Supply Chain Solutions


Today’s changing trade environment creates challenges that encourage the continued growth of the Foreign-Trade Zones program among manufacturers.


This strategic alliance between FTZ Corporation and Management Dynamics will integrate and expand the use of Foreign Trade Zones in global trade management


The Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation is the only nationally recognized consulting firm that limits its practice to the U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones program. The U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones program is a federal....


Ask a number of plant managers for U.S.-based manufacturing operations who they regard as their particular manufacturing facility’s biggest source of competition. Some may respond that their biggest source of competition is the plant for Brand X. Most, however, will respond that the biggest threat to the continued viability of...


Three Major Furniture Companies (Lane Furniture Industries, H.M. Richards, and Bauhaus USA) thank Greg Jones of the Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation for assistance with FTZ applications.


The application to expand the General-Purpose Zone of FTZ No. 61 in San Juan, Puerto Rico to 650 acres and 12 non-contiguous sites, was approved by the Foreign-Trade Zones Board on October 4, 2007.

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